I’m Brandon Jameson, a designer who partners with clients to build brands, develop and package products, and create experiences people love. At a very young age I was strangely drawn to graphic design, even before I knew what it was called. When I read the course list for the BFA program at BYU, I knew I had found the name for what I was hardwired to do. I moved to New York right after school and spent more than six years there working with clients in entertainment, publishing, and retail. Since moving to Salt Lake City I’ve added tech and B2B clients, along with authors and other small startups through A+B Works, which I co-founded with my wife while in New York. I’m happiest when collaborating with people who want to do work that stands out and stands for something.

When not engaged in client work, I hang out with my wife and three kids or immerse myself in a personal project. I’m always paying attention to typography and other design artifacts around me. I somewhat obsessively collect bread bag clips, take-out chopstick packs, business cards, shopping bags, and other objects most people ignore. I go by my middle name, making it difficult to fill out forms that presume everyone uses their first name. But I consider challenging preconceived notions like that part of my job description. You know we’re pretty tight when I do my impersonation of Stefon from Saturday Night Live for you.